Welcome to Ktima Lindos weddings photos portfolio.

This page is created for the future brides of Ktima Lindos, in order to showcase our work in this picturesque venue.

The day of your wedding will be long! But at the end of the day you probably wont remember a lot as everything seem to go fast like the wind!

Documentary photography is the most modern way of capturing your most important day. We try to keep our presence discreet and give guidance only when is necessary. This way you wont feel any stress or pressure and be more YOU. After all this is what photography is all about.

Doing weddings at Ktima since its opening at 2016 the advantages of hiring a member of our team or Savvas Argirou are many.

Most importantly is the deep knowgledge of the venue and the area. There are many great spots for good pictures but to get the best results you need to choose the best ones according to the sun position , the weather of that day even the mood of the couple! Making the best decisions quick requires experience and awareness.

Our long cooperation with Ktima signify a smoothless workflow during the day. In other words, we know the stuff needs and they know ours. So we have created a balanced recipe in order to work both with ease.

Less talking with many people we consider as advantage too.. You just need to talk with the wedding planner about any requests for the day and we will make it work for you.

Starting capturing preparations photos give us a result of a more complete story of the day. Is also a great way to break the ice and feel more relaxed with your photographer.

We love documentary style photos ! Here are a few examples .