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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How far in advance do we need to book?

We often take bookings two years in advance. Sometimes couples have much short engagements and book closer to their wedding date. If you want to make sure that we save your date, it is best to book as early as possible.

How do we book our wedding date?

Reach us via our contact form along with your wedding date and venue, if secured. We prefer communicating by email as we can give you more details that way but we’d be happy to communicate by phone too. If possible, we would like to meet you both in person so you can get to know your future photographers and can ask us everything you need. Once you are ready to book, we only need two things to reserve your date in the diary which are your completed booking form and a deposit. The amount is reliant on your package. We will email you a booking form to complete and return. Once these two tasks have been completed, your date goes in the official diary.

What about after our booking?

Once you have booked, we will send you a confirmation in writing. You will receive an invoice for your outstanding balance, and we will send you a draft running order on email for you to complete with the timings, names of key people, full addresses for your prep, ceremony and reception locations and your group shots.

What do you photograph on a typical wedding day?

We have been photographing for many years, so we know what to expect and what to prepare for. The majority of the day, we will photograph quietly from the wings not disturbing or interrupting anything during your preparation, ceremony and reception. We will pay attention to detail and capture items such as dresses, shoes and suits during prep if they are available, as well as your cake and table decor during your reception. The only part of the day where we step in to take control is during your group shots and whenever we feel is important to interfere when something just dont feel right.

How far will you travel?

We cover weddings across the Greek islands and further afield too. For weddings outside Rhodes, travel and accommodation expenses may need to be added but I’ll be able to determine that once we have chatted through your wedding plans before you book.

What camera do you use?

We shoot using Canon and Sony professional camera gear. Always with the best lenses available , mostly primes.

Do you have back up equipment?

We certainly do. This is critical, as even professional equipment can fail unexpectedly or an accident might happen. We have 2 camera bodies, multiple lenses, batteries, memory cards and other gear that we can use in various situations. we have other professional photographers that we can call upon at short notice if something happened to me or my second shooters, such as illnesses or accidents. Whilst the chance of any of these situations occurring is rare, emergency contingency plans are in place so that you don’t have to worry.

What will you wear to photograph our wedding?

We need to balance being smart and comfortable with trying to blend in with your guests and staff . Weather and time of year is also a factor. Generally If you need me to be dressed in a more formal or casual way, please let us know. Pure elegance is our moto, so our appearance.

What does a wedding session cost?

Please contact us for a full rate sheet and details. You’ll find that we like to keep things simple. If you are eloping, doing something very simple, or only need us for a few hours, shoot us an email and we can find something that will work for everyone. For full day wedding we also provide packages with different options.

Is it convenient to work with wedding planners?

Most of the times yes. Wedding planners will save you time and organise the whole day better especially if you are not a local. Just notice that some planners are getting commission from photographers and for this reason they will force you to hire their favoured. It is your RIGHT to choose freely according to your personal taste. Never forget that.